This is idealclover from China! Nice to meet you! :)

My blog written in Chinese is on idealclover.top, however this English blog is for me to write some English blogs.

Why English blogs? One major reason is that I hope to improve my English skills by doing so. Another important reason is that there are lots of people speaking English so my blogs may be viewed and read my more people, which is I hungry for.

About Me

I major in Business Administration and minor in Computer Science. And in the middle of this year (2020) I will leave school and go for work. Now I've decided to Bytedance (TikTok) in Beijing.

About My Projects

There are several projects I did, however because of my poor English, it is hard to discribe all things I'm doing here. You can follow me on GitHub @idealclover.

  • Easy-to-RSS (348 stars): It is a Chrome/Firefox extension to retreive RSS feeds URLs from WebSite. For example, some websites provide RSS, which are not mentioned but written in source code. To use this extension, you could just see them out in one click.
  • NJU-Review-Materials (276 stars): NJU, where I am studying in, is one of the top universities in China. So some students and other people would like to see our studying materials; moreover, when preparing for exams, students here also find it is hard to look for experience from older. So I collected the materials up and posted onto GitHub.
  • Love-Gift (184 stars, archived): It was a love gift for my (ex)girlfriend which written in the valentine's day of 2019. But we were broken in June.
  • Wear-A-Mask (140 stars): A wechat miniapp to "wear a mask" on your avatar. As we know that the COVID-19 was infected widely in China at the begining of 2020. So in order to mention others to protect each other and to wear a mask, I wrote this app and somehow got widely used.


As you can see here, there aren't so much blogs I wrote, which is mainly because of my poor English. But I will try to do better and write more in next days.I hope that my articles could somehow help you or make you feel better!



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